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How to Eat Using Chopsticks

Do you want to master a new skill? Learn how to eat using chopsticks, or better call them rice sticks. They are very useful for Asian cuisine.

Chopsticks are typically used to eat Chinese food. These sticks consist of two parts: the main handle and the little spoon. The main part has a hole at its center where the food is placed. The other end has a sharp point from which the food can be picked up.

You don’t need to practice using chopsticks before going out to eat. Some restaurants offer chopsticks sets for their patrons to use. There are even special chopstick accessories designed to fit certain dishes. But if you do plan to go out, then here’s a step-by-step guide on how to eat with your hands and chopsticks!

How To Use Chopsticks

Step 1 – Pick Up Your Bowl of Food

The first thing that you should know about eating with chopsticks is that it requires a bowl. You start by picking up your serving plate. This will serve as your base. Then, pick up your main dish or starter. You may have already had this in your mouth when you realized that there is no fork around to help you dig in further.

Take note that you should not pick up any pieces of skin or bones from your meal. It could cause splinters to enter your throat. So make sure that your chopsticks have fresh cuts so they won’t poke into something nasty to you. Once all the plates and bowls are ready, put them down on the table surface.

Step 2 – Look For A Spare Pair Of Chopsticks

Before you even begin to attempt to pick up your dinner, look for an extra pair of chopsticks at one corner of the table. Some people choose to place these at their side because it makes things easier. After all, chopping vegetables and meats is difficult enough without having someone at your side telling you what to do.

You might also find it easier to take turns handling both types of foodstuff. However, if you want to learn how to eat properly, then it would be best if you keep the spare set aside until later since you don’t want to get anything dirty.

So when you realize that the only pairs left are yours, reach for the rest. If you are lucky, you will still have some at the same corner where you found them earlier.

Step 3 – Place Your Hands Underneath The Plate

With the bowl on top of the plate, hold your hands underneath the bottom plate and lift it while keeping pressure on your fingers. Wait for about 30 seconds and put down the plates. Now, see if you can pick up your bowl without dropping any food on the floor. I am pretty sure you will succeed since a lot of people have trouble doing this visit Casino en ligne.

If the latter happens, you can always use the spare pair to help you pick up whatever spilled on the floor. Just make sure that you don’t get yourself in trouble again. That’s why you shouldn’t touch any foods that you did not intend to eat. Besides making sure you do not ingest something toxic, you also risk getting sick.

Once you successfully manage to pick up the whole thing, you now have two more options on how to bring the food inside your mouth. You can either continue to move forward with your chopsticks or just relax your grip and let the food fall in.

If you prefer using chopsticks, then simply push the food of the plate to your mouth. Remember to place your chopsticks parallel to each other as you push them towards your mouth. They are not supposed to be sticking out in front like a knife and fork.

Step 4 – Choose How To Eat

There are two ways that you can tackle your food: bite the head or slice the meat. While some cultures consider it rude to cut the meat in half, others love nothing better than sliced beef. When it comes to veggies, it depends on who you ask. But usually, those who prefer slicing are meat-eaters.

Step 5 – Keep Eating!

That’s it! All you need to do is repeat steps 1 through 4 whenever you have another piece of food. Doing this will probably make you appreciate every morsel that you eat. If you don’t finish your entire plate right away, then try to wrap it up before leaving the table.

And remember: Always wash your chopsticks after every single time you use them. Even though they are sterilized, you likely wouldn’t want your hands carrying germs back to your mouth. Also, rinse off your utensils in hot water. This way, you won’t feel uncomfortable when you have to touch different dishes afterward. And if that doesn’t help, go ahead and toss everything into the dishwasher.

Now you know how to eat properly during Chinese New Year. Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy more wonderful meals.